Promotional Emails

Reach out and get the attention of your audience

$100 per mailing.

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Launching a new product or announcing a new service? Hosting an event? Want to remind your subscribers about how awesome you are?

Let us write, design, code, and deploy a promotional email for your audience. Along with the creative, we'll manage the entire process, from design to deployment, including unlimited number of revisions and post-email reporting.

Opt-in email addresses only. Email lists over 1000 are $0.01 per additional address.
Additional mailings for the same campaign are $5 plus $0.01 per email address.

Mobile-friendly email design and setup
Content based on your specs, including subject line and calls to action
A/B testing
Testing on various email platforms
Detailed email performance report
Deployment for up to 1,000 addresses

Startup Process:

  1. Sign up and share your ideas for this promotional email.
  2. Our team will create the necessary design, content and circle back when we're ready for you to review.
  3. We can work back and forth on as many revisions as it takes to get it right.
  4. When you're ready, we'll schedule the email for delivery to your list of subscribers.
  5. Once the email is delivered, you'll be sent an email with a link to view the campaign stats and analytics.

$100 per mailing.

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How does list management work?

We use Campaign Monitor as our email service provider. Campaign Monitor has an agency model which gives us a master umbrella account allowing us and all of our clients to have separate logins.

All lists and campaigns live within Campaign Monitor, including unsubscribes and spam complaints. Within your account we can manage your list, including making any edits to existing subscribers, or uploading new contacts from a CRM export.

What if I want to send the same promotional email more than once?

Any additional deliveries for the same email will not cost another $100. Instead, for each mailing we'll only charge $5 and $0.01 per email address. For example, a mailing to 500 people would cost $10.