Corporate Branding

Striking visuals that embody your business

Boost brand recognition and awareness

Trendy marketing channels, materials, and messages lose steam as time goes on, but an eye-catching logo only gets better with age. And using its colors, shapes, and fonts consistently across all your marketing content is the key to making your message memorable.

The bulk of successful branding takes place early in the rollout process. If your employees have a style guide, they'll know where to get a copy of the company’s official logo or what fonts to use when creating new content. In effect, your company will easily maintain its own image. Let us create those resources for you.

Do you like the idealistic feel of NASA’s logo? Or Ford’s everyman branding? Just let our designers know and we’ll create marketing materials to standardize your company’s image.

We have two corporate branding packages:

Details Essential Extended
Logo design
Color palette
Branding guidelines PDF
High resolution graphics and source files
3 logo and color palette revisions
Branded business card templates
Employee-specific business card design
Letterhead and stationery design
Branded presentation slides
Price $599
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Sign Up Now!

Corporate branding signup and production process1

  1. Complete a short survey to tell us about your branding preferences and the terms of your project.
  2. We’ll present the first round of concepts, including three color schemes and three logo concepts. Turnaround time is usually within ten business days of survey submission.
  3. You’ll provide specific feedback on your favorite color scheme and logo concept so our designers can revise accordingly. Each revision usually takes about three business days.
  4. After the third revision, additional requests cost $50. A new round of three logos and three color palettes costs $100.
  5. When the final designs are approved, we’ll package everything up and send it to you.2
1 If you choose to sign up for the Extended package after signing up for the Essential package, please let our team know in the onboarding survey. You will only be charged for half of the regular Extended fee (in addition to the previous full Essential payment).
2 If you need a revision on the logo after it's approved, there will be an additional $100 fee for each revision round (this includes the creation of a new logo kit for the branding guideline).

Do you have questions about how the service works or what’s included?

Ask us a question

Can I sign up for Essential package today and add the Extended items later?

Sure! Just let us know when you're ready to make the upgrade and we’ll start the onboarding process.

What should I do if I’m building a website?

If possible, we recommend pausing all marketing content creation until your new branding materials are complete.

What if I have some logo mockups already?

Send them in! We can improve on them or simply incorporate them into our other branding deliverables.

What if I just want the business card design?

Click the ‘Ask a question’ button below and we’ll reach out to you about customizing a package.