Advanced SEO

If your prospects can't find you, you don't exist.

Link Building Programs (3-month commitment)

Our experts navigate the complexities of SEO so you don't have to. We work with you to optimize your website, strengthen your brand and make sure you're well represented in search results.

SEO is a wide, complex and, at times, frustrating aspect of Internet Marketing, but it's one that you can't afford to ignore. We include on-site search optimization with every Pronto website - which can have a huge impact on your success. If you want to step up your game, we're ready for you!

With our team of SEO experts and proactive planning, our high level package includes advanced tactics that will not only help drive new traffic to your site, but will also strengthen your brand across the Web.

Want to know more about backlinks? Check out this SEO 101: What are Backlinks video for a breakdown of what backlinks are, why backlinks are important and what to consider when growing backlinks.

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Included Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Press release One-time One-time One-time
Local Listing Booster
(Normally $79/year)
Included Included Included
Guest blog post
(DA 20+)
1 per month 1 per month 1 per month
Guest blog post
(DA 30+)
1 per month 1 per month 1 per month
Guest blog post
(DA 40+)
1 per month 1 per month
Guest blog post
(DA 50+)
1 per month
Detailed monthly reports
Quarterly conference calls
Price $649/m
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Advanced features included in this program
Proactive strategic planning and management
Authoritative link building
Monthly detailed report from dedicated marketing consultant
Quarterly conference call with a marketing consultant
What's already included with your Pronto website
Keyword research
On-site optimization
Keyword and traffic reports
Create XML sitemap
Create robots.txt file
Verify via Google Webmaster Tools
Redirect broken pages
Reactive management and consultation

Startup Process:

  1. Have a call with our Marketing Consultant to discuss the best program for your specific needs.
  2. Our SEO team will dig through your current ranking and traffic data, conduct keyword research and develop an SEO strategy to cover the next few months.
  3. We'll start building links to your website based on the package you've enrolled in and the strategy that we've developed.
  4. At the end of each month we'll send you a detailed report including data about keyword rankings, traffic and leads.
  5. After 3 months we'll send you a high level report that looks at your organic search performance over the entire quarter. This will be followed up with a conference call with your dedicated consultant to discuss your campaigns and the best strategy for moving forward.

Schedule a call with our SEO team to see what plan is best for you!

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What is DA?

DA stands for Domain Authority and is an industry metric for measuring the SEO strength of a domain on a 0-100 scale based on the quality and quantity of links pointing to it. So a website with a DA of 25 is more powerful than a website with a DA for 15. In short, publishing guest blog posts on a website with a higher DA will have a greater impact on your SEO success.

Why do you have a 3 month commitment?

Building a successful SEO campaign takes time. Although we often view search engines as these all-powerful machines, seeing the impact of SEO efforts can take weeks or even months. Our 3 month commitment allows us to gather enough data to judge how effectively the campaign is working for you.

Do you guarantee that I'll rank in the top 10 in search results?

We don't guarantee rankings for any specific keywords. Our program isn't built to get your site to #1 for a certain keyword. What it will do is elevate your overall search visibility and drive more organic traffic to your website. After all, traffic is what drives new leads.

Do you guarantee leads?

We can't make any promises about how many leads you'll receive. There are just too many variables involved for us to make that guarantee. That said, our goal is to drive qualified traffic to your site which should result in an increase in leads.