Microsoft Ads

Cost-effective channel to advertise and to drive conversions

$100 Setup
$150 per month

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Target the right audience with cheaper cost and get more leads

Microsoft Advertising is a paid ad platform that works just like Google Ads. Despite having a smaller search volume than Google Ads, it still reaches 36.2% of U.S. desktop searches with 116 million unique searchers. Due to the smaller audience size compared to Google Ads, it also costs about 30% less. Microsoft Ads is a very cost-effective channel to advertise and to drive conversions.

Microsoft Advertising will be offered as an add-on to Google Ads for an additional one time setup fee of $100 and $150 monthly management fee.

Microsoft Ads
Campaign import from Google Ads and fine-tuning
Google Analytics integration
Conversion Pixel Integration
Ongoing Management
Monthly detailed reporting
Conversion tracking
Proactive campaign adjustments
A/B ad variation testing
Bid and position monitoring
Setup $100
Management $150/m
Monthly Ad Budget $500+
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Note: For ad budgets over $3500/month, our monthly fee is 10% of your ad budget.

Startup Process: (Basic)

  1. Complete the signup form and indicate your monthly ad budget.
  2. If you don't have an existing Microsoft Ads account, we'll follow up with instructions for creating one and will walk you through connecting your account to our ad management platform.
  3. If you already have a Google Ads campaign with us then we will review your Google Ads campaign set up and will select the main services ads
  4. If you just signed up for Google Ads then we will wait for the Google Ads campaign to be launched
  5. Then we’ll import those ads from your Google Ads campaign to your Microsoft Advertising account and integrate your Google Analytics, set up and install conversion pixels on your site
  6. As soon as we start collecting data on impressions, clicks and conversions, we'll start making adjustments to your campaigns to improve performance.
  7. At the end of each month of your campaign we'll send you a detailed report including data on overall spend, click through rate and conversions.

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What about my ad budget?

Your ad budget will depend on your industry, competition, timeline, and goals. It will be paid directly to Microsoft and won't be invoiced by Pronto. We recommend an ad budget of at least $500/month on top of what you’re already spending on Google Ads.

How can I keep track of my campaign performance?

Each month we'll send you a detailed report with information on your campaigns. You can also log into your Google Analytics or Google Ads account to view data on your campaign performance.

Do you guarantee leads?

We can't make any promises about how many leads you'll receive. There are just too many variables involved for us to make that guarantee. That said, our goal is to drive qualified traffic and leads to your website and we'll ultimately judge the performance of your campaigns based on how much is spent on acquiring a new lead.