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Google My Business Management

Having a Google My Business account means the chance to appear for local searches in Google Search and Google Maps. Think searches like “local pet store”, “IT support near me”, or “plumbers”. Google is excellent at knowing when a searcher is looking for local information and will directly insert Google Maps and the top listings above the first results in Google Search. These local results and maps are called “The Google Map Pack” and, for local business, this is exactly where you want to be.

To maximise the chances of appearing in the Google Map Pack, we take your Google My Business listening goes through regurus competitor analysis, keyword research, and ongoing optimisation. Google loves active listings that are always being attended to, so we will keep your listing updated with the latest information and post ongoing news, images, and events on your behalf.

We will keep you updated with monthly reports on how your listing performance is improving along with discovery statistics and what keywords are bringing traffic to your listening. Any calls made via the Google Maps listing will also be tracked, recorded, and added to your monthly report.

Local SEO Audit
Local Keyword Research
GMB Listing Setup & Optimisation
GMB Call Tracker
Website Powerup
Schema Markup
Ongoing Management
Monthly reporting
Keyword Optimisation
Citation Building
GMB Post (80-100 words) 3/mo
Image Optmisation 2/mo
GMB FAQ Creation 2/mo
Setup $200
Monthly fee $400/mo
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If my business doesn't have a physical store, should I still have Google My Business?

While GMB requires you to have a physical address to list a business, it is possible to register yourself even if you do not have a storefront or workplace. This is applicable to professionals whose business model is based on providing goods or services exclusively at the customer’s location (such as plumbing). In such cases, we can submit your residential address for verification and hide it on the page. This will prevent customers from landing up at your house. In the absence of a work address, you can ask your customers to get in touch with you through phone, email or website. Bear in mind that you will simultaneously need to add a coverage area to your profile.

I already have GMB, Would I still need your GMB service?

While Google My Business is a free and powerful tool, it still requires your time and expertise of Google Maps in order to optimize your business listings for more visibility, business growth, better ranking on Google and more. We handle all facets of Google My Business optimization so you can better spend that time winning over more customers.

If I have multiple locations and multiple GMBs, do I need multiple GMB services?

Yes. One GMB listing is meant for one location. It requires specific optimization and proper GMB strategy to make each GMB listing ranked. Multiple locations mean multiple GMB strategies required. Therefore, one service is for one GMB listing.

Are results guaranteed?

Given the fluctuations of search algorithms, the service cannot be guaranteed. GMB service is built to elevate your overall search visibility and drive more organic leads to your business.