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$79 per year.

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Location-based data is becoming an increasingly important part of search engine algorithms and controlling your listings/citations in Search Portals, Internet Yellow Pages (IYP), Hyper Local and Vertical directories is becoming more important along with it. To get the maximum SEO impact, your listings need to be accurate and consistent across all business directories.

Pronto has partnered with Localeze - one of the leading directory data distributors in the U.S. - to bring you an easy and affordable way of managing your listings on directories around the web. For $79 per year, your listing information will be included in Localeze's directory database allowing it to be collected and published by the 100+ directories in their distribution network.

local directories
Advanced features included in this program
Accurate and up to date listings in 100+ directories
Monthly directory updates keep your data fresh
What's already included with your Pronto website
Create/claim listings on Google Places, Yahoo! Local and Bing Local
Optimize and manage Google, Yahoo! and Bing listings
Optimize website for local search results

Startup Process:

  1. Complete the signup form.
  2. We'll upload your listing data to Localeze's database.
  3. Each month we'll re-verify your data so directories using Localeze's database will know your information is fresh and accurate.

$79 per year.

Boost Up Now!

Is Local Business Listing Management available outside the US?

Sorry, not at this time, but if you're outside the US and have questions about how to strengthen your local presence just ask us and we can help point you in the right direction.

Will I be able to see exactly which directories my listing has been included in?

Our program is built on a partnership with Localeze, one of the largest listing data distributors in the US. Localeze works by preparing and organizing data for many directories. Each directory is then responsible for collecting the data, comparing it to their existing data and publishing the appropriate information on their site.

While Localeze works very closely with each directory and pushes them to keep their site as current as possible, the final publication of listings is ultimately the responsibility of each individual directory. So, although Localeze has over 100 directories in their distribution network, your listing may not be published on every single one.