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Your website needs photos of your team

Your leads and prospects have a sixth sense about whether or not the people pictured on your website are actually on your teams, which means it’s tough to market your business as unique if you’re relying on stock images.

But getting high-quality photos and videos of your team requires tracking down a local photographer, hashing out an agreement, and setting aside time to capture your team in action. After all that, you still have to find a way to adapt the finished images for your website and other marketing materials. Thankfully, we’ve found a way to do most of the leg work for you.

Our On-Location Photography and Videography service is the result of a partnership between our digital marketing experts and Lemonlight, one of the best video production companies in the US. One of their crews will travel to your office, take gorgeous photos and videos, retouch them, and then hand everything off to Pronto to make your marketing materials stand out from the rest.

Here’s just one example of the awesome work Lemonlight does:

Katalyst Technologies Brand // IT Services from Lemonlight on Vimeo.


Service Photography Only Videography Only Photo & Video
On-site photographer and 20 retouched final images
On-site videography crew
1-minute edited and branded video
30-second edited and branded video
15-second customer testimonial videos 2
Looping video for homepage banner
Website updates by Pronto
Email and social media campaigns
One-time price $2,500 $4,500 $7,500
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6 monthly installments $500/mo $900/mo $1,500/mo
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Travel Fee
Based on LemonLight service areas
  • Within 100 miles: no travel fee!
  • 100-300 miles: $500 fee
  • Over 300 miles: travel expenses reimbursed at cost

Phase 1 - Information Gathering

After signing up, we’ll pass information on to Lemonlight so your dedicated Lemonlight photography/videography crew can ask about your branding preferences and arrange a date for the shoot.

Phase 2 - On-Location Shoot

On the prearranged date, your photography and/or videography crew will arrive at your office. They will provide direction and capture your team at its best.

Phase 3 - Finished Images and Website Updates

Lemonlight will send you the edited photos and videos, with an option to request changes. Once everything is agreed upon, the Pronto team will put together mockups of any new designs or pages that take advantage of your gorgeous new visuals.

After you’ve approved the changes, the Pronto team will post them to your site and the world will have a crystal clear picture of what makes your business the best at what it does best!

Phase 4 - Launch campaign (Photo & Video only)

If you’ve signed up for our Photo & Video package, our in-house editorial team will write content for email and social media campaigns to announce your updated website. As soon as you approve the content, we’ll send it on your behalf, ensuring everything is optimized to reach as many relevant viewers as possible.

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Do I need to help with travel arrangements at all?

Nope! Your photography and/or videography crew will get their own flights and hotel reservations. The costs are included in the price of the service — you just need to be ready to pose for the camera!

How long does photography/videography take?

Shoots never last more than one business day. More often than not, they’re five to six hours of shooting. Lemonlight tries to provide shooting schedules that are as detailed as possible so you know what to plan for.

How long does it take to finish the first draft of visuals?

It typically takes approximately two weeks for Lemonlight to produce the first draft of materials. You can ask for revisions or alterations and those about a week per round of revisions.

How many revisions can I ask for on my photos/videos?

Lemonlight offers up to three rounds of revisions.

Can I pay extra for additional photos or videos?

Yes! Let us know what you’d like to add to your package and we’ll customize a plan for you.