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One of the most common complaints voiced by small business owners is the need to communicate regularly with clients and prospects. Creating engaging customer-focused content with calls to action, using HTML to ensure the email looks great on both PCs and mobile devices, managing subscriber lists, and monitoring results all takes time, effort and a healthy dash of creativity. And then you have to do it all again the following month!

We take care of it all. Every month, approximately two weeks prior to the scheduled delivery date, Pronto's Newsletter Team will gather your content, wrap it in a responsive HTML template, and send it to you for review. You can request revisions or additions as needed up to the deployment date. Once your newsletter is delivered to your subscribers, you'll receive notification linking you to your dashboard where you can view insightful campaign stats.

Email remains a popular engagement tactic for prospects and customers alike. Through responsive design, better delivery practices, and complex triggered campaigns, email continually evolves to meet marketers' needs and produces a ROI for business owners. With Pronto, your email newsletters will be on time and on target, every time!

Email account dashboard
User accounts
Integration with Google Analytics
Email authentication assistance
Responsive HTML template design and setup
Email opt-in form
Newsletter archive integration
On-going Management
Subscriber list management
Proactive newsletter creation and review process
Testing on various email platforms
Deployment of 1 newsletter campaign per month to up to 1,000 subscribers* free-of-charge
Detailed campaign performance reports
Other Features & Services
Use of Pronto Image Library
A/B testing support

Getting started with Pronto's Managed Email Newsletter is easy. Here's how it works:

Startup Process:

  1. Sign up now and complete a short survey.
  2. Once your Pronto website is live our Newsletter Team will send you three support tickets containing all the information you need to kickstart your Newsletter Service.
    • Collect email list and send welcome email
    • Introduce newsletter account
    • Authenticate sending domains
  3. If you do not already have a mailing list on our mailing platform, send us your list of opted-in email addresses. Remember, your list must comply with our email service provider's rules and regulations.
  4. Review and send a welcome email to introduce your new website and monthly email newsletter program. This allows the contacts in your submitted email list to opt out if they wish.
  5. After the welcome email has been distributed, our Newsletter Team will start creating your monthly email newsletters.

$100 per month.

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Quarterly Option. $150 per quarter.

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Which email marketing platform does Pronto use to manage my newsletters?

We use Campaign Monitor, an email marketing tool which allows you to easily access and manage your individual account via

Who can I send my email campaigns to?

Campaign Monitor follows a strict opt-in only policy for who you may contact. All mailing lists provided must comply with the laws and regulations established by the email service provider. Here's a guideline, to make sure you're on the right track to good permission-based email marketing!