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Making sure that your site visitors understand your business is key to converting them into customers. Pitch your business in a clear, informative, and engaging way and make your potential customers acknowledge their evident need for your services.

Our MSP Explainer Video service gives you the opportunity to explain your services in a way that will be truly understood by your clients. With engaging moving animations, a straightforward script, and a crystal clear voice-over all simultaneously presenting your services and the benefits of signing up for them, our MSP Explainer Video is definitely going to be your most efficient marketing tool just yet.

Take a look at our video template and see for yourself how it can take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Video elements Standard Custom
Company name (voice and graphic)
Company logo
Company web address (voice and graphic)
Color scheme
Script and animation sequence customizations
On-screen texts, icons and other graphics
Promotional elements* Standard Custom
Email announcement
Featured blog
Social media post
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Startup Process: (Basic)

  1. Sign up and complete the onboarding form.
  2. We will get in touch to confirm your subscription and send you the script.
  3. Read and revise the script. Minor changes to the script are allowed. Major script customizations resulting in a change in the animation sequence and timing are subject to additional customization fee.
  4. Send the final script back to us, and we’ll work on your video. The video template will be customized to include your company name, logo, web address and any minor changes you made to the script. The video’s color scheme will also be changed to match your brand.
    If you’ve opted to pay for additional customizations, we will also adjust the graphics, animations and voice-over to match the changes you made.
  5. We’ll send you the customized video for a final review process.
  6. Review the video. Minor script changes are allowed at this point but may incur additional fees.
  7. The entire production and review cycle will take approximately 20 business days.

Help your audience understand you better!

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How much would I have to pay if I do not make any changes to the script?

$499.00 flat.

What constitutes a “minor” revision?

“Minor changes” mostly refer to changes in the script limited to word choice (e.g., cyberattack vs. cybercrime) and those that do not result in any change in the timing or sequence of the animations.

How much is the customization fee?

You'll pay the base fee of $499 at signup and we will give you an estimate for additional charges based on the level of customization requested. However, the final amount will depend on the total work required to customize the video and will be charged when the video is completed.

How long will it take for the video to be completed after I’ve sent back the script?

If you’ve made no major changes to the script, customizing the video to your brand shouldn’t take longer than 5 working days. Otherwise, the turnaround time would depend on the amount of changes made to the original script.