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Your customized online marketing strategy

The world of Internet Marketing is vast. It's easy to get overwhelmed - should you invest in SEO? What about online ad campaigns? How does content fit into your strategy? It's only natural to have many questions when it comes to your Internet Marketing strategy but don't worry, we have a team of experts ready to guide you on the path toward online success with a strategy that's aligned with your business goals. And whatever you decide is the best direction for you, Pronto is ready to tackle the execution and get it done for you.

Getting started is easy. First we'll gather some information about your business and then dive into some detailed research analyzing the overall web presence of both you and your top competitors, looking at areas you can capitalize on and areas you can shoot right past.

Once this is done we'll provide you with a series of detailed reports along with a one hour phone call with one of our experts to provide recommendations on how to build your Internet Marketing strategy.

Detailed keyword research for SEO and ad campaigns
Competitive analysis
1 hour phone consultation with our experts
Detailed PDF and Excel reports
Recommendations for improving your online marketing

Startup Process:

  1. Sign up and complete our survey about your online marketing needs.
  2. We'll get started on our research and then prepare your reports which usually takes 3-5 business days.
  3. One of our experts will share your reports with you and will schedule a time to speak on the phone.
  4. During the call, we'll discuss the findings of our research, your business goals and our recommendations for your online marketing strategy.
  5. Depending on what channels you choose to pursue, we'll follow up with the next steps to get started on your campaigns or provide you with guidance to help you succeed on your own.

$799 one time fee

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How many competitors will you research?

We'll initially ask you to name three competitors, but we may stumble across additional ones during our research. We typically end up with 3-5 competitors for you to review.

What information will you look at during the competitive analysis?

Our research will focus on a few different aspects of your competitors' online presence including their organic and paid search activity, their social presence, their content assets and a review of their website quality.

What kind of recommendations will you make?

This really depends on our research, what you're hoping to achieve with your marketing, and your budget. For example, if you're looking for quick growth and our research shows that your competitors have been successful with online advertising, then that's a channel we'd likely recommend that you invest in.

How does your pricing work?

You'll pay a $500 fee on the day you sign up for a Marketing Consultation. After the consultation is completed, if you choose to enroll in our Advanced SEO or AdWords Management service, that $500 fee will be refunded.