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Marketing Bundles

Business owners understand the increasing importance of digital marketing to help with business growth. What is less clear, however, is where to start. Between social media, email campaigns, SEO, and advertising, marketing can get a bit overwhelming.

Ready-to-Go Marketing Bundles bring together our most popular add-on services to help attract more visitors to your site and convert them into leads. With everything working together, your site can become even more effective at filling up your sales funnel so you can focus your time on closing deals.

Marketing Bundle Comparison

We developed 2 marketing bundles based on goals and marketing budget to simplify the process. Not only that, but each program includes a special discount to boot!

Service Marketing
SEO Link Building Level 1 Level 2
Custom Blogging 2 posts / month 4 posts / month
Google Ads
Social Media Updates
Call Tracker
One-time Onboarding Fee $398 $199 $897 $199
Monthly Services Fee $1,325 $1,149/mo $2,324 $1,899/mo
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Monthly Marketing Investment

Monthly Services Fee $1,149/mo $1,899/mo
Minimum Ad Budget* ~$200/mo ~$1,200/mo
TOTAL Monthly Investment ~$1,349/mo ~$3,099/mo

* Advertising campaigns require advertising budget to be paid to the networks that are displaying your ads. We've included an estimated ad budget in the table above but your actual ad spend may vary a bit month to month. We will set a cap so you don’t spend more than you’re comfortable with.

Note: Marketing bundles are a great solution if you don’t have the time to manage and execute your marketing campaigns in house. In order to get the best results, it's important that you work closely with our team to provide direction and input. Alternatively, if you’d like to work with a dedicated marketer who will lead your marketing strategy and provide guidance, Growth Management is more comprehensive and may be better suited for your needs.

SEO Link Building - Included in Marketing Engine PLUS and PRO

Our experts navigate the complexities of SEO so you don't have to. We work with you to optimize your website, strengthen your brand and make sure you're well represented in search results.

SEO is a wide, complex and, at times, frustrating aspect of Internet Marketing, but it's one that you can't afford to ignore. We include on-site search optimization with every Pronto website - which can have a huge impact on your success. If you want to step up your game, we're ready for you!

With our team of SEO experts, our high level package includes advanced tactics that will not only help drive new traffic to your site, but will also strengthen your brand across the Web.

Custom Blogging - Included in Marketing Engine PLUS and PRO

Whether it’s on your website, in your blog, in downloaded documents or used for 3rd party guest blogging as part of SEO and traffic building campaigns -- quality content matters more than ever.

Our custom blogging service works great, either in conjunction with our syndicated blogging service or as a stand-alone program. We take your target audience, key messages/keywords, and topics into account.

After a brief onboarding, our talented writers create content that will engage your prospects by getting to the heart of topics they care about. Give your website traffic a measurable boost with high-quality content to use across your marketing month in and month out. You’ll receive an editorial calendar with publication dates, links to article drafts, and future titles so you never feel disconnected from your content.

If you have a newsletter or email marketing campaign, our blog articles make ideal features. Or better yet, publish your articles as guest posts on other websites to boost link-building efforts and improve your reputation as an expert in your field -- both of which have powerful impacts on your search engine rankings.

Advertising Campaign - Included in Marketing Engine PRO only

Your choice of Facebook Advertising or Google Ads is included with Marketing Engine Pro. After you sign up, we'll discuss the options with you and verify your selection. If you're not sure which platform is best for your business, we can discuss the advantages of each to help you make your decision.

Our AdWords Management service has you covered from end to end. We handle everything from setting up your AdWords account to ad copywriting and detailed reporting so you can see a real ROI. A great thing about Google AdWords is that you can directly calculate the impact of your campaign and easily determine who found your site from your ads.

Pronto's campaign managers are Facebook Certified Planning Professionals and also have Google Ads certifications. Our advertising services have you covered from end to end. We handle everything from setting up your campaign to ad copywriting and detailed reporting so you can see a positive ROI.


Have you ever visited a website only to see ads for that business as you browse the web in the following weeks? That's retargeting at work! It allows you to display ads directly to people who have already visited your site giving you a second chance to convert those visitors into leads.

Retargeting works by placing a cookie on the browser of your website visitors. As they continue to browse the web, they'll start to see your ads on other websites that participate in the ad network.

Our program covers everything you need to get your retargeting campaign off the ground and start advertising your website visitors.

Social Media Updates

Let's face it. Your company is being judged by everyone who interacts with it. And just because you have a beautiful website it doesn't mean you can ignore the design of your social media profiles. Building a cohesive brand throughout your Internet presence makes the transition between social media and your website seamless for visitors.

Our all-star design team will create customized banners and backgrounds for your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ profiles, giving all your web properties the professional touch.

Plus status updates ensure your profiles are regularly updated with relevant status updates that your clients will find informative and engaging.

Call Tracker

In modern sales and marketing, data is everything. Companies go to great lengths to gather more information about their customers and gain insight on how to improve their bottom line.

Amazing tools have been created to organize all of this, but they can run into problems when the online and offline worlds meet. A visitor to your website can be easily tracked through analytics tools, but as soon as they pick up the phone, all the data regarding the channel they discovered you through disappears.

Call Tracker bridges that data gap by giving you a ton of analytical data about the calls coming through your website.


  1. Sign up and complete the onboarding form.
  2. Our team will contact you to kick off the marketing program and answer any follow-up questions.
  3. Once the program is up and running, we'll stay in touch with monthly reports to show the progress and analytics of each campaign.
  4. We'll reach out to schedule a phone call every 3 months to discuss our findings and recommendations for the following quarter.

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Can I start with one marketing program and upgrade later?

Absolutely! You can easily upgrade your account to a higher level program at any time. If you need to downgrade, we only require that your current program is active for at least 3 months.

Are there any contracts or commitments?

We only require that you stay with a program for at least 3 months, but we are confident that you’ll want to stay much longer than that!

Can you explain the advertising budget?

Advertising campaigns require additional advertising budget to be paid to the networks that are displaying your ads. The actual ad spend may vary a bit month to month, but we will set a cap so you don’t spend more than you’re comfortable with.

Can I have a custom program with a different set of marketing services?

We created these programs to be well balanced and believe one of them will be a good fit. However, if you’re planning to purchase over $500/mo in marketing services, we can certainly work out a custom program for your specific needs.

Do the prices for these programs include the management of my website?

No, the prices do not include the cost of your managed website.