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For local businesses, good reviews on their local listings (i.e. Google Places, Yelp, etc.) can play an important role in generating traffic and sales. However, even just a handful of negative reviews can be enough to turn away potential clients.

Take control of your online reputation with our Review Monitoring service. Our user-friendly dashboard lets you see all your reviews across all of your local listings. On top of that you'll be immediately notified whenever someone leaves a new review on one of your listings so you can quickly respond to it.

Our platform even lets you strengthen your online reputation by requesting reviews from your happy clients directly from the dashboard.

Monitor reviews across multiple locals directories
Instant email notifications for new reviews
Aggregate data to analyze your overall review performance
Request reviews from happy clients

Startup Process:

  1. Complete the signup form.
  2. We'll create your dashboard and integrate it with your local listings.
  3. We'll follow up with your login information and will provide best practices for getting the most out of your reviews.

$49 per month

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Is Review Monitoring available outside the US?

Not at the moment - sorry :(

Which local directories does your Review Monitoring system support?

We integrate with all the major online directories like Google Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp, and CitySearch, etc. Our platform even works with vertical-specific directories for doctors and lawyers.