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Get your SSL/TLS set up with Cloudflare

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Our Phoenix platform fully supports an encrypted connection with the end-users. Cloudflare's Free SSL is easy to setup with low maintenance, and we support their "Flexible SSL" option for free.

Important notes:
  • You will be required to transfer your domain to Cloudflare to enable Free SSL service.
  • Moving away from Cloudflare will automatically disable their Free SSL service.

This guide will help you go through Cloudflare's setup process

Startup Process:

  1. Register this service and our system will redirect to instruction page.
  2. We will prepare your site to make sure the transition from HTTP to HTTPS is seamless while you are going through our instructions.
  3. Please contact us if the transition to HTTPS is finish but the green padlock is still not present

This service is FREE!

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All this SSL stuff is a bit too technical for me. Can you help?

Yes! We offer an end-to-end solution where we'll purchase, install and maintain your SSL certificate for you. Head over to our SSL Certificate & Installation Service to learn more.

I want to have my own certificate installed, what do I do?

If you'd prefer to have your own SSL certificate, we offer a service where you purchase your own certificate and we install it or you.

Where can I buy my SSL certificate?

You can buy your SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority like GlobalSign or DigiCert.

What happens when my certificate expires?

Your Certificate Authority will notify you when your certificate is about to expire. Just send us the new certificate and we'll update it across all of our platform servers.