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Fun CSAT and NPS (Net Promoter Score) customer surveys by Simplesat

$99/m. All-inclusive.
25% discount for Pronto clients.

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Satisfaction surveys done right

For MSPs who are dissatisfied with clunky surveys and out-of-date testimonials, Simplesat is a one-click CSAT and NPS survey+testimonial generating engine that provides businesses with the feedback they need to retain clients, and social proof to attract more.

Unlike legacy solutions, we've assembled a turn-key customer feedback solution that connects your PSA software, website, and other third-party integrations such as Brightgauge and Zapier.

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Fun, one-click surveys

Traditional satisfaction surveys are boring - but they don’t have to be. We make the process fun and easy from end to end. This will help improve the image of your company, and improve response rates.

It takes just a few minutes to create a survey and add to ConnectWise, Autotask, Zendesk or any other helpdesk you use.


Real-time testimonials

Collecting and publishing positive feedback from your clients shouldn’t be a chore. Simplesat does it all, so customer feedback can start working for you.

Once a testimonial widget is added to your website, feedback will display in real-time at the push of a button.

Powerful integrations

Simplesat surveys seamlessly embed into dozens of PSA and helpdesk tools. We can also get you setup with BrightGauge and Zapier integration to make sure you’re taking full advantage of your customer feedback.

Simplesat is designed for awesome MSPs!

"Red Key Solutions is an MSP service in the New York City Metro area. Simplesat took us 3 minutes to get setup and integrated into our ConnectWise account. The surveys are clean, fun, more personal and get higher response rates than our previous solution. We can publish testimonials to our website with one click and the analytics are really clean. Simplesat is designed for awesome MSPs!"

Alex Markov, President at Red Key Solutions

Fully managed by Pronto

We can assist with whatever you need, be it survey setup, helpdesk integration or adding widgets to your website.

We can also help consult with any survey best practices or provide answers to any questions you have. Just let us know!

One-click CSAT surveys
Real-time testimonial widgets
Customizable landing pages
Instant email notifications
Unlimited users
Advanced feedback search and filter
Customer feedback insights
Export feedback to Dropbox
ConnectWise and Autotask integrations
Team member leaderboard

Startup Process:

  1. Create your Simplesat account
  2. Add the survey to your helpdesk
  3. Enjoy all the new feedback coming in!

$99/m. All-inclusive.

25% discount for Pronto clients.

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Simplesat's missing a feature I want

Let us know about it! Now is the time for you to have a chance to shape the product into exactly what your business needs in a customer feedback tool.