SSL Certificate & Installation

Secure your website, and your visitors' data, by using SSL

We recommend using Cloudflare's Free Universal SSL certificate service which is free to setup and supported by Pronto at no extra charge. Read More

With companies like Google and Facebook pushing hard for a more secure internet, installing SSL (also referred to as HTTPS) is more important than ever. Our infrastructure team is here to help with a custom SSL certificate installation for your domain along with on-going renewals and maintenance.

Our Custom SSL Installation Service includes:
  • Your Domain Validated SSL certificate and annual renewal of your certificate.
  • Public, Private, & Chain Key installation on all of our servers across our platform.
  • A seamless transition from HTTP to HTTPS on your domain including appropriate redirects and a Change of Address notification to Google.
  • On-going maintenance for when updates and re-installation of your certificate are required.

Once you purchase this service, our infrastructure team will reach out to you with the next steps on setting up the SSL Certificate for your domain.

Note: This service doesn’t include wildcard or Extended Validation SSL certificates. If you require a specialized SSL certificate of your domain(s), reach out to our support team and we’ll help you determine the best solution.

Startup Process:

  1. Register and tell us some details about your business.
  2. We'll review your details and our infrastructure team will reach out to with the next steps.
  3. Our Infrastructure Team will purchase, verify and install your certificate on all of our servers.
  4. Our SEO team will submit a Change of Address for your website via Google Search Console.

Why do you charge for this service?

The cost covers the purchase of the certificate for your website, as well as our management of it. Installing and maintaining SSL certificates and keys across dozens of servers is a resource consuming process. Our infrastructure team needs to take time with each certificate to make sure things are done properly.

What happens when my certificate expires?

We’ll automatically renew it for you and update our servers accordingly.