Custom Blogging

Fuel your marketing with great content

Content is the fuel for your Internet Marketing engine.

Whether it’s on your website, in your blog, in downloaded documents or used for 3rd party guest blogging as part of SEO and traffic building campaigns -- quality content matters more than ever.

Our custom blogging service works great, either in conjunction with our syndicated blogging service or as a stand-alone program. We take your target audience, key messages/keywords, and topics into account.

After a brief onboarding, our talented writers create content that will engage your prospects by getting to the heart of topics they care about. Give your website traffic a measurable boost with high-quality content to use across your marketing month in and month out. You’ll receive an editorial calendar with publication dates, links to article drafts, and future titles so you never feel disconnected from your content.

If you have a newsletter or email marketing campaign, our blog articles make ideal features. Or better yet, publish your articles as guest posts on other websites to boost link-building efforts and improve your reputation as an expert in your field -- both of which have powerful impacts on your search engine rankings.

Details Basic Pro
Dedicated editor
Custom editorial calendar
Unique blog articles per month 2 4
$349/m $499/m
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Startup Process:

  1. Sign up for the appropriate blogging package.
  2. Your editor will reach out to you to discuss potential topics to cover.
  3. Once you and your editor have agreed upon a set of topics, we’ll prepare a content calendar showing you when each article will be ready for posting to your blog.
  4. After each article is written, we’ll submit it to you for review. You’ll then have an opportunity to request changes to the article.
  5. Upon your approval, we’ll post the article to your blog.


Please bear in mind, the Custom Blogging program is a service-based program. During your subscription, any writing service missed due to unresponsiveness or inactivity from your end, cannot be accumulated or rolled over on top of the next editorial schedule. We'll simply have to move forward.

For Example:

    Scenario 1: We do not hear from you for the month of December. We will move forward with the editorial process for January (i.e. 4 articles).
    Scenario 2: If we do not receive your approval for pre-written articles, they will not be published on your blog.

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What sort of control do I have over my content?

Our staff will post articles as drafts for review on your site before going live. In the rare occurrence an article needs significant revisions, you can provide your writer with instructions for how to perfect the content.

How long will the articles be?

That’s totally up to you! We generally recommend around 700 words for blog content, but ultimately you decide. Length, tone, and objective are all subjects you will flesh out on your Custom Blogging onboarding form.

What if I want more articles per month?

If you start off with two articles per month with the $349/month package, you can upgrade to the $499/month package for four articles per month. Beyond that, additional articles cost $199.

How much control do I have over article topics?

As much as you want! Our writers love getting tons of information and reference material from you, but if you prefer a more hands-off approach, you can have our team suggest topics relevant to your industry.

Why do you have a 3-month commitment?

Writing quality content uses considerable resources, and we want to make sure we’ve planned ahead and have enough team members on hand to avoid delays in producing your customized content.