Custom Blogging

Fuel your marketing efforts with great content

Content is the fuel for your Internet Marketing engine.

In this age of fierce competition, content is the one thing you can rely on to keep your business ahead of the rest. Without good content to support your marketing efforts, acquiring new leads and customers becomes next to impossible.

Blogging is an effective platform for connecting with your target audience. It increases your business’s online presence and visibility.

Done the right way, blogging can also make search engines recognize your business as an expert in your field, which makes gaining people’s trust, increasing traffic to your site, and generating more leads much more achievable goals.

But how do you blog the right way?

The short answer: RELEVANCE and QUALITY.

With our custom blogging service, you get a dedicated content strategist who will assist you in figuring out which topics to blog about and which audience groups to target, thus ensuring that you regularly release content that people care about.

Our writers write with your target audience in mind to help make sure that the content is as useful as it can be. They are trained and experienced in writing content that highlights and promotes your services while still maintaining quality as the top priority.

Here are some examples of our work:

We have two Custom Blogging packages based on your needs:

Details Basic Pro
Unique blog articles per month 2 4
Dedicated content strategist
Skilled and experienced writers
Custom editorial calendar
$399/m $699/m
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Startup Process:

  1. Onboarding

    After signing up, we will send you an onboarding form to fill out so you can give us some insights about your business (your services, target audience, etc.) and how to plan your content strategy. Some of the questions that will be asked are as follows:

    • What services do you offer and which ones do you want to prioritize?
    • Which industries do you want to target?
    • Do you want to plan your content strategy or do you need our experts’ help?
    • What style of writing do you prefer?
  2. Content planning

    Depending on the preferences you specified on your onboarding form, the first set of topics will be decided:

    • If you choose to have our content strategist do the content planning for you, all you need to do is wait no more than a couple of days and we’ll send you a set of topics to approve. This content strategy will be based on the information you provide us about your business during onboarding. You can request for alternate topics if you don’t like any or all of the initial topics sent to you.
    • If you choose to plan your content strategy yourself, you can send in your chosen topics by adding them to your custom editorial calendar. Please also provide references or an outline of concepts to make sure our writers write exactly what you had in mind.
  3. Content production

    When the topics are decided, our content strategist will forward them to the editorial team and let them know of any specific requirements. The editorial team will work on one article at a time.

    NOTE: Writing, editing, and proofreading an article usually takes up to 5 business days. Once one article is done, it will be sent to you for review (step 4) and the editorial team will start working on the next article.

  4. Content review and revision

    Once an article is completed, your content strategist will send it to you in Google Doc format for review (please contact your content strategist if you prefer a different document format). You can either request content revisions by adding comments on the document or by making the revisions yourself.

  5. Content approval and publishing

    Once you’re done reviewing the article and decide that the article is good to go, your content strategist will publish it on your website and send you the link to the blog post.


Unless you specify otherwise (through the onboarding form), we will be waiting for your approval before we proceed with writing new articles or publishing any finished article on your site. Please also bear in mind that this is not an output-based service: We will produce the maximum amount of articles you’re entitled to in your subscription (2 or 4 articles per month) provided you send the topics (or your approval on our topic suggestions) at a reasonable time of the month. This means that all articles not written due to unresponsiveness or inactivity on your end will not be refunded nor rolled over on top of the following month’s editorial lineup.

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What sort of control do I have over my content?

Our staff will post articles as drafts for review on your site before going live. In the rare occurrence an article needs significant revisions, you can provide your writer with instructions for how to perfect the content.

How long will the articles be?

That’s totally up to you! We generally recommend around 700 words for blog content, but ultimately you decide. Length, tone, and objective are all subjects you will flesh out on your Custom Blogging onboarding form. Anything over 1,000 words will take longer for our team to write, and may come with additional costs depending on how much research is required.

What if I want more articles per month?

If you start off with two articles per month with the $399/month package, you can upgrade to the $699/month package for four articles per month. Beyond that, additional articles cost $199.

How much control do I have over article topics?

As much as you want! Our writers love getting tons of information and reference material from you, but if you prefer a more hands-off approach, you can have our team suggest topics relevant to your industry.

Why do you have a 3-month commitment?

Writing quality content uses considerable resources, and we want to make sure we have planned ahead and have enough team members on hand to avoid delays in producing your customized content.