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Let's face it. Your company is being judged by everyone who interacts with it. And just because you have a beautiful website it doesn't mean you can ignore the design of your social media profiles. Building a cohesive brand throughout your Internet presence makes the transition between social media and your website seamless for visitors.

Our all-star design team will create customized banners and backgrounds for your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, giving all your web properties the professional touch.

What's Included?
Profile Design
Facebook timeline banner
Twitter background and banner
LinkedIn banner
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Social Media Process

  1. Sign up and tell us a little bit more about your company and content preferences in our onboarding form.
  2. If you have existing social media accounts, we'll reach out so you can grant us access to them. If you don't have any social media accounts, our team will create new profiles for you..
  3. We'll prepare mockups of the new banner designs and send them to you for review.
  4. Once the designs are approved, we'll upload them to your social media accounts.

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How long will it take to customize my social profiles?

The setup and customization process usually take about a week, depending on whether your social profiles have already been created and how many design revisions you request.