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Google Ads puts you in front of your potential clients right when they're looking for you. But, unlike SEO, search advertising starts producing results immediately, allowing you to adjust and tweak your campaign for even better performance. You also have the option of targeting highly lucrative keywords that would normally be very difficult to rank for organically.

Our Google Ads Management service has you covered from end to end. We handle everything from setting up your Google Ads account to ad copywriting and detailed reporting so you can see a real ROI. A great thing about Google Google Ads is that you can directly calculate the impact of your campaign and easily determine who found your site from your ads.

Is Google Ads Express right for your business?

If you're just starting out with pay-per-click advertising, Google Ads Express is a nice way to begin driving some new traffic to your website. The Google Express platform determines the relevant keywords to target based on your website content and users will be directed to your homepage rather than specific landing pages. Features are basic but it's a good fit if you have a limited budget.

On the other hand, if you want to get strategic with your advertising, Google Ads allows for keyword targeting and includes proactive campaign adjustments so you get the most out of your ad budget. The table below shows how Google Ads Express stacks up to Google Ads Pro.

Express Pro
Campaign planning
Google Analytics integration
Call Tracking integration
Keyword research
Strategic keyword targeting
Advert copywriting
Ongoing Management
Monthly detailed reporting
Conversion tracking
Click fraud monitoring
Proactive campaign adjustments
A/B ad variation testing
Bid and position monitoring
Keyword-level call tracking analytics
Quarterly phone calls
Setup $149 $499
Management $99/m $399/m
Monthly Ad Budget variable $500+
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Google Ads Express Setup

  1. Complete the signup form and indicate your monthly ad budget.
  2. If you don't have an existing Google Ads account, we'll follow up with instructions for creating one and will walk you through connecting your account to our ad management platform.
  3. Our team will start setting up your account and preparing ad copy. Once everything is ready, we'll send it to you for review.

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What about my ad budget?

Your ad budget will depend on your industry, competition, timeline, and goals. It will be paid directly to Google and won't be invoiced by Pronto. You can start off with a relatively small budget for Google Ads Express of $100-$500. If you are planning to spend more than $500, we highly recommend that you upgrade to Google Ads Pro.

How can I keep track of my campaign performance?

Each month we'll send you a detailed report with information on your campaigns. You can also log into your Google Analytics or Google Google Ads account to view data on your campaign performance.

Are landing pages for my campaigns included in this service?

Unfortunately, this is only possible for Google Ads packages because Google doesn't allow landing pages on the Google Ads Express platform.

Do you guarantee leads?

We can't make any promises about how many leads you'll receive. There are just too many variables involved for us to make that guarantee. That said, our goal is to drive qualified traffic and leads to your website and we'll ultimately judge the performance of your campaigns based on how much is spent on acquiring a new lead.

Why do you have a 3 month commitment?

Building a successful Google Ads campaign takes time. By running a campaign for at least 3 months, we'll have enough data to make the necessary adjustments and calculate an accurate ROI.