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Branded eBooks to entice your prospects!

So you've started driving visitors to your website, but what happens next? They might not be ready to pick up the phone just yet. If they leave your website, odds are that they’ll be lost forever. That’s where having your branded eBook can really help!

What’s great about having a branded eBook is that it can be used in multiple ways. It can help you stand out from other providers and enhance your brand credibility, it can capture contact information from your visitors when they request the free download, and it can encourage your prospects to get in touch.

MSP eBook program includes the following:

  • Latest MSP eBook customized to match your brand (every 3 months)
  • Unique landing pages to summarise the contents of each eBook
  • On-site graphics to promote your eBook to site visitors
  • Emails to announce the eBook to your contact list

If you’d like to enhance the eBook program even more, it can easily integrate with your other marketing efforts like Google AdWords, retargeting campaigns, and blogging. When used together, you can stay active with prospects at different stages in the sales cycle.

eBook Examples:

MSP eBook
Content which is relevant to your prospects
Professional text copy and imagery
Branded with your logo and company colors
Landing Page
Description of eBook contents
Submission form above the page fold
Email notification upon submission
Thank you page with optional download link
On-site Promotion
Homepage segment to promote your eBook
Inner-page segment to promote your eBook
Email Announcements
Email announcement sent to your contact list
eBook mention in your monthly email newsletter

Startup Process:


  • Provide some details about your company
  • Select your style preferences

eBook Process:

1) eBook Creation

  • Latest MSP eBook sent for your review (new eBook every 3 months)
  • Content changes are made based on your revisions
  • Once approved, your eBook is designed to match your brand

2) On-Site Updates

  • Landinge page is created based on eBook contents
  • Homepage segment for your eBook is designed and mocked up for your review
  • Inner-page segment is designed and mocked up for your review
  • Once approved, the changes go live on your website

3) Email Announcements

  • Email is written and designed to announce the eBook
  • Once email is approved, it will be mailed to your contact list
  • Monthly email newsletter will include reference to your new eBook

The eBook process repeats every 3 months for as long as you're subscribed to the program.

$129 per month
3-month commitment

Get Started

What will the eBooks be about?

We've surveyed a number of MSP clients and came up with several topic ideas which will be relevant to your prospects. If you're subscribed to the program, we'll also take your input and ideas for future topics.

Can I make revisions to my eBooks?

Absolutely! We will already have the content and structure in place for the eBook, but you can certainly make your own edits before your eBook is branded.

How will the eBooks be branded?

Our Pronto designers will change the cover page and color scheme of the eBooks to match your brand. We'll also reference your company name and contact details in the eBook itself.

How often will a new eBook added to my website?

To ensure the eBook is always fresh on your website, we'll release a new eBook every 3 months. The new release will also include a new landing page and email announcements to keep your prospects up-to-date.